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  •        Homemade skin care

  • Caring for normal face

    CoverPractically in most cases a skin care carried out in the morning and evening.Satisfying face service. Rinse the face with a mild water at apartment temperature (or slightly cool) without soap or clean out with a piece of ice in a direction of a facial skin lines. Do not apply soap. In ordinary skin it is applied 2-3 times in a 7 days however as not to overdry a skin. Following rinsing (rubbing ice) dab a face with a towel: it is applied to a facial skin with a slight pressure. Drained of the person of the wash, regardless of skin type.Tip: It is possible to not be rude to wipe the face, because a face is stretched and from premature skin wrinkles appear.If, later rinsing or wiping the ice cream is used to a face, getting wet when It is possible to leave a some moisture on the skin.

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    Anti-masks and skin care

    MaskAnti-inflammatory facials masks specially designed for any and issue face. Masks of this group is not only fine purified and narrow pores, but also keep an antibacterial capacity, regulate the activity of sebaceous glands.Similar posts:Mask Facials and masks skin wrinklesMask Face rightCover Masks and skin care '21. . . . .

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    Anti-face care

    MaskAnti-inflammatory facials and masks masks specially designed for oily and issue face. Masks of this group is not only nicely purified and narrow pores, but as well get an antibacterial effect, regulate the performance of sebaceous glands.Similar articles:Cover Masks and face care later 30Mask Face care moisturizingMask Facials and masks following 45 years. . . . .

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    Use of facial skin covers. Applying covers

    CoverBut before a mask off, you need to properly cleanse a skin. Particularly effectual mask so peelings, following steam bath or hot compress. Apply the mask to a massage lines.Face mask may be applied with a brushing, sponge, brushing, cotton swab or fingertips. All this want be immaculately clean.Of the that, for greater capacity it is desirable to cover a face with soft gauze or aluminum foil.Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, astringent and clay masks, and covers containing sweet strawberries, vegetables and cereals, young face wash off with lukewarm water (with a cotton swab). To strengthen a effect in the h2o, It is possible to throw in lemon juice or big apple cider vinegar (a tsp. In a glass of water).

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    Caring for normal facial skin

    MaskPractically in most cases the masks and skin care carried out in a early and evening.Morning facial skin attention. Rinse your face with a soft h2o at rooms temperature (or slightly cool) without soap or clean with a cutoff of ice in the direction of the facial skin lines. Do not apply soap. In normal face it is used 2-3 minutes in a 7 days how however not to overdry a skin. After rinsing (rubbing ice) dab your face with a towel: it is applied to the face with a slight pressure. Drained of the person following ablution, regardless of face type.Tip: You can not be rude to wipe a face, because a facial skin is stretched and with premature wrinkles appear.If, after rinsing or wiping a ice cream is applied to a face, getting wet when It is possible to leave a little moisture on the facial skin.

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    Face Leaving. Care about rule, very dry, oily and combination facial skin

    CoverForever care of a facial skin is designed to solve three problems: cleansing, softening and protection from the harmful effects of a environment. With items of face are removed her own life, dust, cosmetics, creates optimum conditions for all its vital functions: breath, heat exchange, excretory, safety and other required cleansing of a skin at the age. A most common way of cleaning - wash with h2o. However, the stratum corneum exposed to aqua capable of swelling. For this cause, we adhere to a reference of the wash only in the mornings. To cleanse the facial skin in the evening suggested to apply lotions, creams, liquid, butter, extract, etc.Reminder: do not often apply soap or soap and cream - you very dry the face.

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    Dining facial at home

    MaskAlong with a cosmetic products of gravity production to supply a facial skin of the face, you can apply a variety of foods, which are almost ever at mitt. Frequently in our cook room and in the refrigerator there yogurt, eggs, fruits, vegetables, natural honey, cereals, olive butter and so on. These products can do a facial skin correctly-groomed and magnetically. Preferring seasonal fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, not only for food, but for outdoor use, you will give the skin a opportunity to get out of them all the required vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.And if you keep a desire, time, and opportunity, It is possible to experiment and create a own homemade fluid. For him, you will request: very dry chamomile flowers 1 tablespoons l., 1 teaspoonful natural honey, 1 teaspoonful glycerine, 1 tablespoon a butter, 1 tablespoon olive oil, chicken egg 1 pc., camphor oil 1 tsp. (For very dry facial skin type) or camphor alcohol 1 2 tbsp (For dry and combination skin type).Initially, heat in a h2o bath of chamomile flowers, divorced and a half cups of stewing h2o, soak Fifteen minutes, then Strain and pour into a separate container 4 tablespoon of soup.

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